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List of the courses in the project: GW Project

The section Teaching and Learning Materials directs into the LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS) that contains various resources and outputs of the Green Wheels project, such as project documents, reports, brochures, e-learning lessons (games, animations, videos), etc.


The LMS is divided into 4 main sections:

  • OPEN – this section is accessible without log- in and is open to anyone interested in the developed teaching and learning materials, as well as in other project outputs
  • PARTNERS – this section is for the project partners only (restricted access upon log-in)
  • CfME & EACEA – this section contains internal project documents and is restricted to the project coordinator and the EACEA (restricted access upon log-in)
  • PROJECT RESULTS – this section contains worksheets, e-learning worksheets, videos and much more of the GreenWheels project



To open the requested section click on GO TO THE COURSE green button.

To move among the subsections, use the navigation bar at the top of the screen.